Sunday, January 4, 2015

Two days into the New Year and I am making progress.  Last week, I once again, sat at my computer to add documents and their citations and was completely flummoxed by a) trying to figure out what the proper format for citation was, and b) working on a single monitor which forced me either to print out a copy of the document (oh no!  wasting paper!  wasting time!  then what to do with it? file it?  trash it?  oh, no!) or remember the data to input on the citation (need I say, IMPOSSIBLE!)

So, wonderful Hubby, took me to find a second monitor - YAY!

I can now have the program, or file (Roots Magic7, FTM2014, Tom McEntee's terrific  Research Log (for example, albeit modified slightly ) into which I am inputting data (sources, citations, etc.,) on one monitor, and the actual document on the other.  Oh my gosh - this is Heaven!  And, no, even the Windows 8.1 capability of splitting the screen vertically didn't resolve the issue.  There are lots more things I need to see. I use a free App called Fences that lets me group shortcuts to similarly typed programs or folders, or files on my desktop.  I have Genealogy related programs in one "fence" on the left monitor, and on the right, is the "fence" with my most frequently used Genealogy folders.  That was yesterday

This evening my friend Jaime came over and we "played" with Roots Magic 7.  What a terrific program. And what a terrific guy!  He has the gift of "process".  By that I mean he can analyze something that needs doing and put together a process for a human to do it - given all of the contexts in which it needs to be done.  What a gift!  And What a brain!  So we worked on RM7 and inputting data and customizing the program to create the best output - time will tell. . .

It is now the morning after Jaime came and the only thing I want to add at this point (so I can get onto projects) is - Jaime also showed me how to use the "sticky note" app - it makes me smile just thinking of my facilitated capabilities with this computer and genealogy!

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