Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I found the birth record for Julijan Krajacic born to Pavel and Karolina (nee Sporer) Krajacic in Beloselo, Croatia, on 11 February 1886! Yay! Two years later, brother Tomo arrived. Pavel and Karolina lived in the same place at that time. I've wondered what took Pavel and Karolina to Appanoose County, Iowa, of all places. A quick web search revealed that Sporer's were in Iowas as early as 1857 and in Appanoose County as early as 1880.

The internet tells me that the origina of the name "Sporer" is German and it means someone who makes spurs.

It took nearly a month to get the microfiche in from Salt Lake - I've spent the last two Wednesdays rolling through the rolls, as it were. There is a bunch more info - can't wait to go back!